Bill Fam


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Bill, designed in a modular fashion, responds to multiple functions with all module and module combinations. The Bill family, upholstered with imported Spanish fabric, creates a strip from the color combinations of its own fabric. It harmonizes with any space, instantly elevating the energy of the environment. Bill is a system where you can create different combinations of 5 separate modules and make choices based on the scale that suits your living space.



The 32 DNS (Density) is covered with top-tier imported Spanish fabric on a medium-firmness sponge.


Product inspiration: Billiard balls

Design sensibility: Retro

Product character: Nostalgic, sporty

Technical Information:

Right Arm: 140*110

Left Arm: 140*110

Middle: 100*110

Right Corner: 140*210

Left Corner: 140*210


Shipping & Delivery:

Our product is packaged by the professional logistics company we work with in compliance with procedures and delivered to you within 6-8 weeks. We provide free logistics service to all parts of Turkey. As Umadina, all our products come with a 1-year warranty or liability period starting from the date of purchase, excluding user error.

Bill Fam
Bill Fam
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