With the advent of the digital world order, systems like automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics are rapidly becoming a part of our lives, testing our skills not only in various fields but also in the realm of production. In the manufacturing sector, alongside the advantages of meeting increased demand quickly and standardization, disadvantages like ambiguity and monotony have unfortunately become inevitable. Amidst all these efforts, Umadina, aware of the difficulty of being noticed, felt the need for an inner insight that goes beyond materialism, a reexamination of the definition of reality, and the ability to keep the rhythm of her emotions within herself. She needed something to adapt to everyday life, to discover her own strengths... Perhaps, a contrasting stance against everything that becomes alike and uniform.

In her journey, Umadina discovered that her strongest asset was her emotions. She realized that emotions have very little space in the professional world. In her journey of self-discovery, she focused on the sense of belonging and the magical power of emotions. Her journey was all about being creative, unique, and releasing emotions. After all, initially, her existence was nothing more than an emotional idea!

Following the philosophy that three apples fell from the sky, this path added meaning to her life. It was a journey of becoming herself, and the main idea in the text is that the roller coaster of the amusement park of life is to live and create, accompanied by the whistle of breath, without taking it too seriously.

Creating from emotion...

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